Lip augmentation is a procedure which makes use of synthetic materials or surgical re-shaping to enhance the lips. Lip augmentation can help to create plump and full-looking lips it can also reduce fine wrinkles occurring around the mouth.

Human-based Collagen Augmentation

Your surgeon will inject a human-based collagen filler into the lip area. As Human-Based collagen fillers are biocompatible this means the results can last for over four months. The lip area will usually be overfilled at first, this is due to the fact that just under half the collagen will be absorbed after a short time. However if you have successive treatments, more of the collagen will remain and in some cases will stay permanently.

Hyaluronic Acid-Derived Augmentation

In this procedure you surgeon will inject a solution of hyaluronic acid into the lip area. This is composed of polysaccharide, which is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that occurs in human skin. These types of fillers are said to offer results which last longer than traditional collagen-based fillers.

Fat Transfer Augmentation

During this procedure your surgeon will extract fat cells from another area of your body, then prepare the extracted cells and inject them into the lip area.

Lip Implants - In this procedure a synthetic implant will be inserted via small incisions usually made at the corner of the lips. These can be made of several materials including strips and will typically deliver results which last much longer than fillers.