Neck lift surgery, often referred to as a as a "mini-facelift" or a minimal or partial facelift, corrects for a minimal amount of loose skin around the neck. This procedure concentrates solely on the neck area and, although it can yield dramatic effects to the neckline without undergoing a full facelift, it t is not for individuals who have a considerable amount of loose skin under the jaw or in front of the neck, sometimes called a "turkey waddle". It is, however, a good option for younger patients who do not require as much correction. It is not only faster but less invasive which means reduced swelling, scarring, bruising and risk. 

Another surgical technique to improve the neckline by removing fatty deposits is sub-mental liposuction, also called neck liposuction, and is often performed in conjunction with neck lift, face lift or chin implant surgery. Although the size and shape of the neck can be significantly changed with liposuction, extra skin once the fat has been removed. Wearing a compression band will help to firm the area but, if your skin elasticity is poor, this extra skin may sag.