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Medical Tourism Panama - FAQ


Dear visitor:


We understand and support your interest to learn about facts that will help you make an informed decission before you travel for medical care.


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G. T. Bruce

Case Manager


Yes.  Hospitals in Panama were founded and are operated by US trained professionals.  Also, Panama is the only country in Latin America with medical facilities associated with the JCI.  Accreditation by the Joint Commission International is a voluntary process by which institutions meet standards established by JCI accreditation board.


Medical Tourism is an option worth exploring for anyone who is facing major health care expenses.  Medical Tourism is also a viable option for people considering elective surgery.  Insurance companies, struggling to reduce their claim costs are turning to Medical Tourism for a cost-effective solution.


Depending on the procedure, and even including traveling expenses, a medical tourist can usually save between 55% to 70% in their medical bill.

One must understand it is not cheap.  In relative terms, the price you are paying corresponds to top care value in medical tourism countries.  The reason you get high quality at such prices is because the overhead expenses, land, labor, taxes, administative expenses, is lower in those countries.

No, the only traveling visa requirement to enter Panama legally is a $5 tourist card valid for three months, purchased immediately before going through immigration upon your arrival.

Panama's 100 years relationship with the US, over the Panama Canal, has resulted in a highly bilingual population.  Also, most doctors have been trained in the US.  Not only that, but as part of our services, we provide English speaking staff and you will have access to full time telephone interpreters through our affiliate interpretation company.

We answer all our e-mails in one working day.  Depending on your procedure, and requirements, you may be able to get an estimate in 24 hours with a final price depending on your selection of a doctor, hospital, and exchange of any medical documents needed for an evaluation.

You will find a modern, tall, metropolitan city, that has managed to retain the caring spirit of simpler days.  Read more.


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