Full Medical Tourism Package


Things we do for you


PatientAbroad offers, together with local certified hospitals and clinics, different medical tourism packages.  The Full Package includes:



All logistical coordination pertaining to your procedure, hotel reservations and tours.



All transportation directly related to the procedure, including transportation to and from the Airport - Hotel - Hospital, Pharmacy - Laboratory and Radiology.


Pre-surgery consultation visit:

Your doctor will review your current condition, based on the laboratory and radiology tests that you provide, and discuss your procedure again with you.    You will be given pre-op instructions.



This item will include the cost of the hospital operating room, the surgeon and anesthesiologists fees, attendant staff fees, medical supplies, recovery room, patient's room if required.


Post surgery consultations:

These will be your final set of visits to your doctor when he or she will give you your final instructions and recommendations.



We facilitate doctor-patient  contacts, and communication



We coordinate your accomodations



We provide safe and reliable, transportation during your trip



Tour and activities coordination




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