For the First Time Traveler


Things we can do for you

Under our Full Package, you will receive the complete range of services and corporate discounts we provide, for items that include obtaining quotes from health care providers and facilities, to bookings and transportation.  This is the package recommended for first-time patients abroad.


If you've got Connections

If this is not your first time in Panama and you have already have an established connection with your doctor and clinic, you may only need our Concierge services that provide transportation and appointment coordination.


The Touring part of Medical Tourism

Panama has a lot to offer to our visitors.  Depending on your interests and circumstances, you may be able to enjoy visiting different sites.  Some Tours are included in the Full Package, and some are available for an additional fee.




We can facilitate doctor-patient  contacts, and communication

Depending on your requirements, we can put you in touch with the best medical staff in the field.  We can obtain quotes and ask questions on your behalf, sending you background information on the health care specialists.  Once you chose your doctor and hospital, you can either contact them directly or through us.



We can coordinate your accomodations

Depending on your budget, and preferences, we will present you with a choice of hotels.  If you wish will make your reservations.



We provide safe and reliable, transportation during your trip

Our medical tourism aides will personally pick you up at the airport and provide transportation and assistance for your medical appointments, surgery, and control visits.



Tour and activities coordination

Take advantage of Panama's beauty and history by having our staff arrange for tours and other fun activities.  Some of our tours are complimentary as part of your package.




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