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PatientAbroad's  Full Medical Tourism Package includes, the following tours free of charge:


Free Tours:


Panama La Vieja Tour: Visit the ruins of the first European City built in the Pacific, destroyed by Pirate Morgan


Visit to the crafts market: Enjoy Panama's cultural diversity, visiting the arts and crafts market operated by some of the local native tribes.


Shopping Tour: Shopping tour at the best Mall in Central America.  It will take you from high end boutiques to department stores


Coordination of optional tours:


Ask us about the prices for each option.

Panama offers history, natural beauty, and sophistication.  We can tailor your tous according to your specific interests.


Optional tours suggested:


Panama Canal (4 hours)

Casco Viejo (2 hours)

Gamboa Tropical Forest Resort (4 to 8 hours)

El Valle - Crater Valley (day tour)

Playa Bonita Beach Resort (overnight)

Playa Blanca Beach Resort (overnight)


Custom tours available.



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